Florida location

A wide choice of holiday rentals To meet all your needs

Holiday rentals at our campsite are a great accommodation option for your holiday.

Make yourself at home in accommodation that's just for you with all its amenities, while enjoying the site's full range of activities and services.
All our mobile homes are set in shady, generously-sized plots of between 100 and 180m² with room for one vehicle.

Every holiday rental comes with a terrace that's great for getting the most from your holiday.
To ensure our guests enjoy top comfort, our holiday rentals are maintained and replaced on a regular basis.

We offer a wide range of rentals to meet all your needs.
Staying in a holiday rental at LE FLORIDA means you get to enjoy the region's beaches along with those at nearby Saint-Cyprien while holidaying in comfortable, quality accommodation. You'll have the pleasure of all the activities on offer; popping out to join in with the site's various entertainment events then back to the privacy of your accommodation.

Already know the dates of your next holiday? Take a look at our holiday rentals and choose the accommodation that's just right for your stay. Check out our prices right away and take advantage of our current offers!

Prices for all accommodation include rental, water, electricity, and gas.

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